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Preservation Plus  is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service in all of our repairs..

We provide the following basic package on all radios:

  • New polarized line cord.
  • Safety Capacitors in the line circuit.
  • All tubes will be tested on our Hickok 600A tester, any questionable ones replaced. The rest will be cleaned and polished..
  • Defective wiring will be replaced.
  • All filter and paper capacitors will be replaced
  • Resistors will each be tested and ones that are not within specs. will be changed.
  • Volume and tone controls will be cleaned and adjusted.
  • Alignment is the final step in the process.
  • A full pedigree of your radio is supplied to you. Complete with before and after photos.

Pricing for the basic package can range from.

  • Smaller table or shelf radios up to 6 tubes:  $80.00 to $110.00. ----- Parts extra.
  • Larger table radios can cost from $120.00 up to $225.00. ---- With parts added on to that.
  • Floor radios can cost from $225.00 up to $500.00. ---- Parts are always extra.

 These prices are general estimates only. Please email  with pictures of your radios or arrange to have it mailed to us and we will give you a quote on repairs.

All replacement parts will be returned to you, no repairs will be completed with out your authorization.

Other extra services that we can provide for your radio:

  • Chassis cleaning.
  • Cabinet repairs and polishing.
  • Speaker re coning.

Insurance appraisals are also welcome. Find out what that radio is really worth.



 All extra services will have to be quoted at the time of inspection. 


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